Remote Patient Monitoring
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SolutionMD’s ECG mobile solution transmits all data wireless to an external remote device such as a smart phone, tablet PC or laptop computer. Technology advancements have opened up new opportunities in the medical device market. Portable ECG monitoring equipment have become in high demand due to the critical treatment of difficult-to-diagnose intermittent cardiac diseases such as arrhythmias.

Applications such as ECG remote patient information access are increasingly becoming a necessity for many physicians and medical practitioners. Physicians rely on these products to evaluate any abnormal heart disease symptoms.

The wireless medical device can then deliver that information via 3G/4G or WiFi across the network to a remote server computer for storage or further analysis. ECGnano is an early warning device that physicians can remotely monitor their patient’s physical condition for analysis and diagnosis continuously. Since the device can automatically adapt itself and is comfortable to wear, portable, secure, and wirelessly connects to the application, patients can go about their daily activities without having to worry about their physical symptoms. Technicians can monitor patients 24/7 and analyse any warning signs.




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Remote Patient Monitoring
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