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Encino, CA, November 18, 2013 (The Newswire) – SolutionMD is a start-up company that developed and patented ECGnano. This technology is above all other programmable ECG devices, and is beginning to attract the attention of investors for its unique ability to adapt to fit the patient’s need. ECGnano’s patented technology interactively detects and monitors each patient’s physical condition.

ECGnano is an early warning device that physicians can remotely monitor their patient’s physical condition for analysis and diagnosis. Since the device can automatically adapt itself and is comfortable to wear, portable, secure, and wirelessly connects to the application, patients can go about their daily activities without having to worry about their physical symptoms. Technicians can monitor patients 24/7 and analyse any warning signs.
ECGnanos wireless module easily plugs into a disposable patch, providing yet additional level of comfort and accuracy, while reducing the overall monitoring and treatment cost.

The inventor, David Nosrati, Eng., said that: “It was clear to me that what was needed in the market was a medical monitoring device with built-in intelligence that can learn on its own, adapt its detection, and monitoring computations to each individual patient.”

ECGnano has encrypted its data to ensure secure transmissions, and has a user-friendly software application that is manipulated to program interactively each individual patient to fit their profile. The available processing power is virtually unlimited, operates remotely, and is included with the product. The benefits of the unique patented technology enables ECGnano device to be interactively re-programmable in order to automatically adapt itself to unique cardiovascular conditions.

David Nosrati, the founder of SolutionMD, President and Chief Executive Officer, said that: "This intelligent ECGnano medical device will help deliver health care remotely to patients and physicians will be able to treat their patients in a way that has never been done before.” 

The Engineering specialist in medical devices added that “ECGnano will serve a fast growing market of patients who will experience cardiovascular diseases, and potential shareholders will benefit from their timely investments in the SolutionMD growing company.” 

About SolutionMD

SolutionMD’s mission is to provide the most advanced, wireless patient monitoring systems, for local and remote web-based applications. The company is offering:

  • Attractive valuation and significant business development partnerships
  • Potential growth in research and development for new medical devices

As part of the business strategy, David has additional patent applications under review and plans to continue to develop and design new medical solutions to serve the needs of the health care community and the growing population who are at risk. To learn more, go to


David Nosrati


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