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Anyone who is at risk of getting a heart attack can wear the ECGnano device as it records and monitors patient’s heart through a triggering system 24/7. ECGnano can automatically adapt itself to each patient’s unique cardiovascular needs resulting in a more effective event-trigger monitoring system that will send data to a wireless processor on a continuous basis.


ECGnano is capable of recording patient’s cardiovascular activity over a long period of time and transmitting the recorded information wirelessly via Bluetooth to outside smart phone, tablet PC or laptop computer.


ECGnano is further capable of analyzing the recorded data to detect Arrhythmia and other abnormal heart activities. In the event that abnormal activities are detected, ECGnano’s processor can log all recorded heart activities leading to the abnormal events, and transmits that information via Bluetooth to outside wireless devices.


ECGnano’s wireless module easily plugs into a disposable patch, providing yet additional level of comfort and accuracy, while reducing the overall monitoring and treatment cost.


ECGnano has encrypted its data to ensure secure transmissions, and has a user-friendly software application that is manipulated to program interactively each individual patient to fit their profile. The available processing power is virtually unlimited, operates remotely, and is included with the product. 

To comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) guidelines, all patient information is encrypted and recorded data is compressed prior to transmission to remote devices.


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SolutionMD Portable ECG Monitoring system:

  • Small size
  • Low power consumption
  • 24 bit ADC for a high quality wave-form
  • Bluetooth 4.0 wireless connectivity
  • Large storage space
  • Simple operating mode
  • Patent Technology – Interactively Adaptable
  • Programmable detection algorithms